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Frequently Asked Questions

Clear Channel is a global leader in out-of-home advertising, with branches in over 22 countries across Europe, North and South America, and the Asia-Pacific region. Clear Channel Switzerland realizes customized communication solutions at first-class display sites on the street and at points of sale, filling stations and airports. Clear Channel has been operating in Switzerland since 1924 and currently markets more tan 20,000 high-impact poster sites nationwide. 

Clear Channel Schweiz AG, Rothusstrasse 2B, 6331 Hünenberg

Here you can find information about outdoor advertising.

Take advantage of our online discount and the easy and flexible way to book your poster site.

The following formats can be booked online:

F200 Cityformat
adehsive billboard: 117,5 cm wide x 170 cm high
illuminated billboard (scrolling billboard/TriVisiion panel):
119 cm wide x 170 cm high

F12 Landscape format
adhesive billboard, illuminated billboard (scrolling billboard/TriVision panel):
268,5 cm wide x 128 cm high

F24 Large format
adhesive billboard:
268,5 cm width x 256 cm height

F4 World format
adhesive billboard: 89.5 cm wide x 128 cm high
illuminated poster: 90.5 cm wide x 128 cm high

With each booking you can choose several formats. Poster production also depends on the format. Here you can read about design and production. 

Booking for the coming year usually commences at the start of October of the current year. 

The following payment methods are currently available:
  • Advance payment
  • Credit card

Here you can read about design and production. 

Posters should be delivered at least 14 days before the display period commences. If delivery is late it is not possible to guarantee the proper completion of the order.

Delivery address:
Clear Channel Schweiz AG, Chrummacherstrasse 2, CH-8954 Geroldswil 

See contact details above.

On request we will be happy to provide you with an analysis of the performance of your media.

Information about this can be found in our Terms and Conditions: see «Important Documents».

Enter the desired location or street name into the search box. You can then sort the sites shown by display period and/or format.

You can zoom in and out of the map as desired. Click on a poster site to see more information about it.

If you can't see the site you're looking for, we ask you to get in touch with us. We will be happy to look into it and advise you accordingly.

Select the display period and/or poster format as well as the desired location or street name.

Enter the desired booking period into the search box. Unavailable poster sites are marked as inactive.

Click on a poster site to see additional information, including a calendar function which displays booked and available display periods in colour.

Click on the shopping cart symbol to add a poster site to your campaign. The symbol is in the additional information window which appears when you click on a poster site.

Site no.
Address, place
Price overview (7 days)
Selected posting period

You will see a summary of the poster sites you have selected, including information such as site no., street, place, format, period selected, price per posting site and total costs.

The sites you selected are reserved for you for a maximum of 15 minutes during the booking process. They are automatically checked again for availability when you click «Continue» and once again when payment is confirmed. A message will appear to let you know if any of the sites have become unavailable during the booking process.

Click on «Continue» (in «Your campaign») to access the page containing your personal details. Confirm your details and accept our T&Cs, then click «Continue» to be taken to the payment options page. Here you will find a summary of the poster sites you have chosen, the total price and billing address.
Select a payment type and click on «Confirm booking». You will then receive an e-mail confirmation with full details of your order. The booking confirmation is also saved in «My profile – orders».

One or more of the sites you have selected is subject to restrictions on advertising tobacco, alcohol, politics, religion or erotic merchandise. Please click «Yes» to confirm that you have seen the notification and that the subject of your advertisement(s) is not concerned with any of the categories stated.
You have exceeded the max. gross volume of CHF 25'000. Complete the form and one of our key account managers will contact you by phone or e-mail as soon as possible.

You can change your profile details right here.

Goldbach Neo and its branch offices are committed to protecting your Personal Data. The way we do that is changing in line with European legislation. Remember: you can always update your preferences with us at any time. If you have any questions that are not answered by our Privacy Policy, contact us.